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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dropping Back to $1/$2

Ok i have had my fun playing $2/$4 but i have realised in the last week that i really do not have the bank roll to maintain that high level of play, i say this after i just dropped £700 playing it in the last week and its just some crazy hands where i lose it all. Here are some examples

Button raises i call with 4d5d 6 handed. Flop 4 5 9, i check and he bets out $16, i call, turn a 2 and he bets out $32 and i move in for another $180ish and he instantly calls with TTs fair enough, all though he has put in no thought to what i have, fair enough, he sees an over pair he thinks its good. So he has 8 outs to out draw me a T 9 or 2, and the 2 hits!

I pick up QQs and some guy who raises every other hand raises to $12 and i make it $44 to go, and the guy next to me moves in for about $180, i think for ages thinking he would do the same with AK, JJ and low but also KK and AA but i call and he flips over A5 Sweet!! First card down is a A! Doh!!!!

Hands like that just kept on happening, AA vs top pair and then he hits two pair on river, etc and the classic over pair vs set, also had a set over set the other day that hurt $900 pot especially as the board paired giving both of us a full house, he rivered the set/house.

Ok i know this sounds like a bad beat post but it aint!! Just explaining why jumping up to $2/$4 was clearly a bad idea. I just dont have the bank balance at the moment to with stand all these beats/ cold decks and to play at that level you need it, so i'm going back to $1/$2 and try and stick there for at least 6 months and re build my roll until i can afford to lose big on $2/$4!!!!


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