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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Last Two Nights At Big Slick

Played the £30 second chance at big slick the other night, not too much to comment on, did not really play a hand in the 'rebuy' period. The reason is use the quote is that a feel a second chance or a double chance or even a triple chance tournaments should be played like freeze outs, if you can take your chips at the end of the 'rebuy' period then that is the best time to take it. If you gamble too much ie calling off all your chips on a flush draw and lose you not going to have more chips than if you played it normally. Some people feel they can gamble away thier 1st set of chips but those chips are still worth the same! Also if you take your chips at the end, you will have more!

Like i said not much happened, ended the rebuy period on about 3.5k (from 2k) and topped up 3k to 6.5k, did not even show a hand for the whole period, except one when i was in the BB and my Q4 held for Q high in a three way pot!! Nice! With two tables left i was below average (started with 5 tables), got moved tables as my table crash and 2nd hand in i was in the BB with my 2nd hand all night and i actually mean it the best hand before that was JJs early on. I really did not play too many hands, oh yeh had like QJ and 55s but i really do not seen them as hands. So it folds round and to be honest even though QQs is not a monster i needed some action, i'm mean at least someone trying to knick is fine, jus something, a double up here would put me in a great position for final and a good chance to win the £900 top prize. The button gets up to its usual tricks and raise to 7k, blinds at 800/1600 bit of an over bet. SB folds and i shove for 10.5k, auto call for the girl who raised but she took ages to call!!! At this point i want a calling thinking she had like J3 (yes niraj i know its your hand but against my QQs Loving it!!), she needed to calling 3.5k to win like 22k was an auto call, she eventually calls showing A4, im thinking, what took her so long, she clearly does not understand the game, if you going to knick the blinds and then want to fold when they shove you need to raise less so you can get away from the hand, otherwise you might as well go all in. That is just basic poker, why commit yourself when you do not need too, anyway the ACE hit! Damm although i picked up a flush draw on the flop giving me 11 outs twice but i miss and go home!!!

Played the £20 buy in with £10 rebuy yday but when i say £10 rebuy you are allowed to doube rebuy so i see it as a £20 rebuy, i feel you always want as many chips as possible so you should always double rebuy unless it gets too expensive.

Ok lets look at the rebuy situation, its a 3 table tournament where only top 5 get paid. Recently i have played these comps i end up spending £100 to £120, this is just stupid in my opionon, because i need 3rd or higher to Break even. The whole point of poker is to make money and you cannot expect to win every tournament no matter how good you are, so you do not want to be in a position where you only make monet if you come 3rd or higher, so i tried to budget my self to £60- £80

I succeed!!! Spent only £60, i took ten minutes out when i got a stack to make sure i would not rebuy. Although i was allin on the last hand for all my chips with K10 vs AJ vs AJ and i got lucky with a K. Although i'm only a 60% underdog, i end the rebuy period after a 3k top up for £20, with 10.5k and £60 down which is nice, i always want 10k after the break as blinds are up to 200/400, which gives me room to play. Again did not play too many hand, although a hyper aggressive player moves in UTG +1 on a 7 handed table and i move in with KQ off, he only had half my chips but i need to get everyone else away. Lucky for me no one else called, was a bit risky in such an early posistion but hey i needed a gamble, and i win a race!! whoo hoo!!

I some how get to final after doubling one guy up twice, i kept raising with junky hands like Q10, KJ and he kept moving in and i had to call him, (damm odds!!). I get to final and 1st hand in with have AK vs AA, ouch!!!, top 5 got paid so down to 8, i have no cihps btw and get a double up with 55s vs AQ, another race!!!, we lose one more and the chip leader limps in 2nd position! Limping on final table, hmmm not something i would do to be honest, but he is a good player and won the comp yday, but i feel he does not have a strong hand, maybe something like 109s or 65s or a small pocket pair, im on the button and see A10 and i'm sure im ahead and go allin. I still had some fold equity so if everyone folds i take a nice pot, as blinds are high. SB gets in his chips before me! i dont like that!!!! Then the BB calls for 'value' not sure why but fair enough, was turning into a big pot, the limper now HAS to call there is so much out there and got a chance to knock 3 people out!. He does call, Limper has Qc8c, i can beat that, BB had Kh7h i can beat that, SB has JJ DOH!!! Flop comes Q high, turn a T and now 4 diamonds, and i have the Ace of diamonds, any Ten! any Ace, any Diamond!! 14 outs!!! COME ON!!!!
NOPE!!!! blank on river and i'm out in 7th place!!!

Up to 320k action points on rivercard, doing really well playing $2/$4 and went home after each big slick night to make all my money back, hope im not turning into an online player like Flash!! Got the Big slick £200 on saturday should be fun, looks like a good structure!!! Wish me not to get unlucky!! I never wish for luck, just not to get unlucky! Its a game of skill after all (hmmm!!)


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