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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Summary of Month / Cash Games

Ok i have taken 2 days off live poker!! That is a big deal!!! Although did not find it to difficult, but this is rare for me in my summer holidays especially as i'l be back at uni in 25 days and my parents are still in India but even with the freedom i spent a few days at home.

So i have just been playing Cash online, I need those action points to increase, if i want a free entry to a WSOP 2007 event, also as August was ended their offer of increase august points by 20% was fading, so i took advatage of that and played cash at home. August promotion basically means that if i earn 100,000 points they will throw in another 20,000, which is nice. August is up but they still have not given the extra points. I made something like 150,000 points this month via rake on this site, which with my 5% rake deal will get me $150 as well, not a lot but every little helps, anyone want the same rake bk deal let me know!! (same skin as VC, Doyle's Room and Blue Sq)

I keep an excel spread sheet of my monthly poker record, which will hopefully sure where i am losing money and winning money, my results this month are as follows

Tournament £654
Cash Games £1,091
Online £2,604
Landbase -£859

By the end of the year i'll take all this extra data and try to work out whats going right and wrong. All the top pros say game selection is vital so need to find my strong game and focus on that. From the results in August we can see that i should play more online cash games than anything else. But the results are bais as i had a bad month on tournament, especially spending £300 at GSOP and winning the $2,900 on Ultimate Bet the other day.

Most of the consistent money had been made playing $2/$4 on the river card site. When i started this blog i was playing $1/$2 but i feel a lot more comfortable playing $2/4 and have the roll to keep to it, (unless i go crazy one night!), Each month the plan is to deposit £500 and use that to play on the site, so i will just be depositing once a month. Each night depending on how much i have in my river card account will depend on what game i will play,
e.g £300 or less play $1/$2 and comps
£400 or less play $2/$4 and no comps
£500 or less play $2/$4 and no speed comps (speed = crap shoot fun but expensive)
£600 or less play $2/$4 and no speed comps
£ 700 or less play $2/$4 and all comps
£800 or more cash out to £700

Been doing well at the cash tables at the moment and hoping to maybe build myself my to $3/$6 in about 6 months or so, i'm not sure how realistic that is but we'll see!


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