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Monday, September 04, 2006

£200 Freeze at Big Slick! / Brothers Home Game

So i qualified for the monthly £200 comp at Big Slick in a £10 rebuy for£50. The structure looked good, 7.5k starting stack and a 30 minute clock. But unfortunately no 75/150 level booooo!! I really like that level. The structure looked good but by the 4th level if you had not moved you would have 20BB, so not a deep stack comp, but a good one for a one day comp, About 85 runners signed up and we were off to go. Tourny started at 7pm, early than usual which is a good idea considered the chips in play, something gutshot should think of doing as well, but it does lead to some confusion, as mate Gary hadnot arrived by the time i had my seating card, so i called him to make sure he knew the time! But he didnt and he rushed over 30 minutes later, So i was ready to play even left my wallet in my car so i would not play cash in a live card room and also to stop playin any roulettE!!! I had a 7% deal with someone who i rate quite highly, he offered me the deal on the wednesday and i gladly except.

So the tourny started and i look around the table, 3 familiar faces and the 5 unknown to me. So i do not play any hand in first 20 minutes, just sizing up the table. One guy makes it 500 to go pre flop with blinds 25-50! Then looks disappointed when he looks back at his cards to why no one called, hmmmm DONT RAISE 10xBB next time!!! One guy moves all in on a pot of 2k on the river as he missed his flush draw and proudly shows it, i wish i was in that hand it was so clear! So not really impressed with the table people raising way to much, but i just could not find a hand!!! i picked up KKs on the button a few ppl limped and i made it 525 to go in the 2nd level, i would normally make it 300 to go but with 2 limpers and the SB and BB behind me i feel 425 is the right price also KKs is a nice hand, but everyone folds, which is fine. I then pick me Jh9h in the SB as UTG raises to 350 and i think, i can call this, the button then goes all in for 5k, HUH!!!! why would you do that??? If you get called you will well should be fucked and at best 50/50 if the guy wants to call with QQs or JJs, i fold and UTG says he has to call!!! HUH???? They both flip over AK and i realise i'm not playing with the greatest players in this £200 freeze which is great!!! I just need a hand and of course the flop comes 10 8 7, which would have given me the nuts! DOH! The guy who made it 500 to pre at 25-50 then doubles up with 52 and suddenly starts to talk, he was not before, he felt so proud, a sign of inexperience, he then goes on to mention that he made final table at Big SLicks last comp the £300 freeze!! i felt like damm! How did he get that far! i was not impressed at all, sorry mate.

I then pick up A7 in the SB and this guy who has played every pot limps, i call, BB checks, flop Ac 7c 3c, ok i got top two!! but flush is out there but i dont put him on it, i check the BB does as as well, and he bets out i call, BB folds, turn a x and i check call, river i check and he bets out a big amount basically all my chips, now i'm thinking does he have a set? but he did not raise pre flop, does he have the flush? Do not think he would have bet the whole way especially as early he rivered a flush against two opponents and checked it waiting for the other guy to bet. (WOW sorry just playin a Omaha Hi-Lo comp on starts, 60 left and i just won a big pot with a pair of 2s, i missed my low and flush draw and he checks the river and the 22 is gd! Sweet!! currently 14 with 60 left! top 18 pay!) So anyway bk the the hand, i think i must be good, i only have 4.3k left and he bet out 4k blinds at 150/300, this would be a nice pot for me, i call, he flips over the kc6c! he flopped nuts! Well played Sir!! Ok should i have raised on the flop to find out where i was, but if he shoves bk at me i'm called, i thought he must have the Kc and maybe a 9 with it but not two clubs. He shoved all in early when he missed his flush and i felt he would do it again hence the check calling, i felt i could double up here with him doing all the work, but he suckered me in!!! I go allin next hand with As2s and 3 ppl limped in, i felt no one hand an Ace and people were raising with any A or pocket pair. Get 6 callers! hmm if i win this i'm looking good, flop Js 8s 8c so got the nut flush draw, lady bets out and everyone folds, she has QJ, i got 12 outs and miss! oh well!!! Well done to the winner of the comp, lets call you player A (people dont like it when i mention names!!) But a big congrats!!!

So i head off home, dissappointed but you cannot win them all, then get home and see my brothers home games has kicked off with 8 other playeys, was a 5p/10p game but raises pre flop were to £1, so i saw it as a 50p/£1 game in my head. Was a good game i bought in for £20 and everyone else was in for £10 or two lots of £10, game had been running for about 45 minutes before i joined. Was a nice relaxing game and quicker than usual. I won my 1st hand with 99s on a 7 7 K 7 9 board! yes a nice river but i didnt need it, as my brothers mate called allin with Ace high!! I get no respect! im a ROCK!!!

Game was going well built up to about £32 from my £20 and was playing solid, but then got bored and mixed it up a bit, raised with 75 and some guy moved in for £5 after my £1.50 raise, he gets 3 callers and i re raise £12 getting everyone to fold he had 88 and it held! But i love that play so much in the middle for me to win now and 75 heads up aint that fair behind any hand apart for pocket 77s and higher! which he had DOH!!!
I got TT and limped someone raised and i re raised, one caller and i put in his last £4 in in the dark total of like £11 and the flop is Q J 7, he calls, go u got me as he flips over 67! Sweet, he then turns a flush draws and hits it on the river ouch!!
I then get annoyed and raise with 9s8s and the rock of all rocks pratik re raises, i move in and he calls, i just wanted to bust his AA! But he had JJ instead which were good and he takes in a £45 pot thanks to me! RELOAD!!!
I then piss away some more cash playing every hand and every draw! Not good poker but hey was a fun game. The pot ended up at just under £300 not bad for 5p/10p blinds!!!!

Overall not a good day for me in live poker but went online and made about £150 to make my balance sheet look a bit better!!

Oh well, still in this omaha hi-lo comp, $30 buy in fixed limit!!! 35 left i'm 9th in chips, top 18 pay out $58 with 1st getting $1400, which i could do with!!! I will let you know the results 2mr!!! But not going to give a report on it, i'm just a rock and play premium cards but i always play for both pots, i easily throw away AAKT and JJT9, look so nice though!!!! So need to report on it, otherwise these reports will be even more messes and long!!

Gd nite and wish me NOT to get unlucky!!


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