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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

£10 Rebuy Plus Some Cash at Big Slick

Ok well I tried doing a bit of a Phil Hellmuth today by coming into the tournament half way during the 2nd level but it did not help, as I didn’t last too long. I didn’t do it on purpose as its the start of a religious week and me and my brother had to go to the hall for some prays, so as soon as I come down and sit on my table I look around and see a few regular faces and one player whose record and Big Slick speaks for itself, so was not too happy to see him there, but it was one of the outer tables, which break up soon, so I knew if I got deep there is a chance I would get away from him. Although normally I hate moving tables as you tend to bump into 6-7 new players and you might have to sacrifice some chips to gain that information. But I did not last too long after the rebuy period. Rebuy period was quite normal, although I raised with KQs and everyone folded! Hmmmm not the usual rebuy on that hand! I ended up £60 down with 5.5k infront of me, which is not good as the blinds are 200/400 after the break I always try and target 10k. The freeze out period started and played a few pots and then found Q2 in my BB with the SB and button completing. Flop Q 2 9 bingo bango bongo! How to get the chips? SB checks I a check to the button, I feel he has a marginal hand pre, K10, QJ, Q10, KJ, and would bet on this flop, he fires out. I was not sitting too deep as a I said before and neither was he, so I felt raising after the SB fold was too strong, I needed to gamble a bit too ensure a double up. I flat call and the turn is a 4 (safe card, didn’t want a high card to fill out a straight), I check, he bets 1k I raise to 3k and he goes all in for 1k more, which I call, leaving me with 200 chips left, so basically all in. He has got Q9 ouch! He has flopped top two and I go broke, I’m all in the blind the next hand and my 52 (gutshot powerhouse is no good against A5, guess the power house does not work at Big Slick). Such an annoying way to go out, a few hours before I sent a message to a player at Big Slick about never go broke in an unraised pot, especially in the BB or SB. I have been out in sooooo many comps where I have been in the blinds are seen a cheap flop. A lot of people start a bad beat story by saying oh I was playing K3 or Q7 and flop came blah blah blah, the 1st thing in my head is Why are you playing that hand! If you play trash fine! But know you flops!!

So I sit on cash after wasting £10 on the roulette machine, I sit with £80 on the £1/£2 game (the £50 game, no straddle). First 5 hands I get dealt 4 pocket pairs, and I played them as I always do, flat called a raise pre flop each time. Had 55s and the flop came 10 7 6, hmmmmm a good flop for 55s but not a great one. 4 players in pre and it checks all the way round. Turn is a 3 and checked to the button who bets out £10 everyone folds, im last to act and call with a gutshot and a pair, the river is a 2, another low card but not what I wanted, I check and the guy bets £20. Ok never played with him before but I felt something was not right. He could bet a 10 or a 7 on the flop when checked to him and saw the double check to the button as an invitation to fire out, hey I would do the same. He may think im drawing so he bets the river again, I call to find out what kind of player he is and also feel I may have the best hand I felt I was about 60% sure. I call and he says you must win. I show and he mucks. I pick up 77s and flop a set and bet out, I get raised and someone calls, I then re raise (board was straightening (is that a word!) and flushing) and the raiser calls, I push on the turn and he mucks. About an hour in I pick up AQs I just limp as the game got quite aggressive later on and people raising every hand, I want to see a flop and not get re raised off the hand, some one raises and I call, flop K J 3, ok I miss the flop but have a gutshot straight draw and I feel my Ace is good. So I have 7 outs and also my call might freeze him on the turn and I can bluff the turn. I honestly did not put him on much of a hand, he fired out a weak bet on the flop, so I called. Turn is a 10!!! Bingo!!! I now have the nuts but the board has two flush draws out there. He again bets out a weak bet and I move in, after a little bit of acting, me raise was just over double his bet. He calls, I say I got the nuts, he shows KKK, ouch!!! Sorry mate, his weak bets were actually him saying play back at me! The river doesn’t pair up and I take a £140 pot away, he took the beat very very well, even though all the money went in when I was ahead he still did not kick up a fuss like most people do. Lucky me!!! That’s all I can say, wrong read got me paid but at least I had the wrong read with outs, I always say bluff with OUTS!!

I did not really pick up any more hands except a few broad way cards and saw a few flops and missed. Until I picked up 99s on the button, everyone limped and I did the same. Flop came 4s 9s 3c !!! Bingo! SB bets out £10 and someone calls, then a guy raise to £50, hmmmmm I have the nuts what do they have, I figured the £10 bets were on a 9 or maybe a 56 or a KJ of spades. The £50 bet represented A9 or maybe 10s, but did not think he had 10s as he would have raised pre, so I figured maybe a lower set or two pair so I shove my money in being quite confident of a call. He thinks for a little while, while everyone folds and calls with JJs, (think he was looking to limp raise with JJs pre). The first I look for when he flips his cards was if he had a J of spade which he did, turn is a spade! Yuk!! Went from 2 outs to 11 outs, river is a blank phew!!!!!!!

Not much happened after that and I won a few small pots and limped my way down a bit, ended up £310 up in the cash, which was nice but £60 down in the comp but still a nice day for me, and £250 to contribute to the GSOP on Friday!

Donkey of the Day!!!! Guess what it is ME!!!!!!!
During the rebuy I check raise with top pair K7 on a board of K J 10, Player A calls me, turn is an 8 and A checks and I push, he calls with two pair K8, I flip K7 and get my wallet out, turn is a 9 and I give the dealer £20 for a double rebuy!!! Player A very kindly said you have a Straight!!! DOH!!!! Never thought I would give my self this award!!! The worst thing is I really hate it when people beat me and don’t know they have won, and for me to do it is TERRIBLE!!! And I deserve the award!!!One more thing before I go off to bed, this donkey of the day thing is just a little bit of fun! Its just a joke and not a name and shame thing, that I get a kick out of, if people feel hard done by or do not want me to include them in the nominations that is perfectly fine and I’m sorry if I offend anyone. Just trying to make my Blog a little bit unique!!!


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