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Thursday, September 07, 2006

3 Bad Nights at Big Slick!


£10 rebuy! Managed not to spend too much in the rebuy period but had a very dead table in terms of rebuys which meant that if anyone got moved on our table broke we would in trouble as there were not many chips on the table, I had aroun 7k after the break which is ok but not alot, lost a big pot with AK vs JJ all in pre, which was during the rebuy. Not too many interesting hands that i can remember i pick up 88 on the short stack a few levels in after the break and move in, one guy calls and the SB dwells up, he had less than both me and the caller, he eventually calls and shows QQs lol!!!! SLow roll??? I think so!!! QQs hold up but my 88s were gd against AK and i win a BB!!!! Yes!!! Literally a chip and a chair, fold the next hand i find AA the hand after i move in!! 5 callers and its checked down! Some one rivered a flush and i'm out!!! Oh well atleast i was only in for £40

Sat on the small cash with £100 and found Q10 and called the BB from the SB was about 4 others in the pot. Flop Q T A, gd flop with two pair, str8 out there but hopefully get action out of the A on board, i check, planning to check, bottom two never too strong, but it checks round, now im thinking some has KJ, not a set as no raise pre flop OR no one has anything. Turn is a lovely T Bingo! Bango Bongo! i now check hoping some else has hit the T. BB takes a deep breathe and bets like someone put a gun to his head, he gets a caller from the button for £8 and i feel he is soooooo strong so i bump it up to £20 and he mucks instantly i was like HUH!! Bad read but the button still called me! River was a blank and i bet £35, she moves in instantly and i call, was not sitting deep enough to even think about her having A10. She shows the str8 and i show the house. I eventually lose my winnings to one guy who quintupled up! With a str8 flush against my top pair, another guys flush draw and another’s guy weak Ace.

i move to the bigger game as this game was drying up. I play very solid on this table as people do not fold anything so it is very difficult to put people on hands, i try to play flops and nothing else, i need to hit but when you do its pay day!! Unfortunately i lose a lot trying to hit flops and i just could not connect. I pick up 45 and call, Flop comes 4 5 3, looks good but there is a str8 out there and a flush draw, but im happy to take on a flush draw, again i plan to check raise the raiser pre who WILL bet the flop, he bets out £20 and is raised to £50 by a solid player, i'm guessing 88s here but then a player re raised to £150 and this play is a very tight player and does not mess about, i think for a while and muck my top two pair thinking the last raiser has atleast a set if not a str8, the orginal better calls with Q6!! and the raiser calls, The tight player had A2, turn is a 2 and the Q6 takes a £500 pot!!! Mr A2 takes the beat VERy well and reloads for another £500, dont worry you will get it all one day!!!

I then pick up JJs and flat call a raise, flop comes A high with two middle cards and i call a bet, turn brings another middle card followed up by a £150 bet and a call, i muck not putting them on an Ace but one two pair or a str8, i think i can wait for a better spot, river a blank and player A shows a str8! i then pick up two big flush + gutshot draws and lose all my money because i never hit those draws! when i;m gettin great odds!!! So sick sometimes, especially when you see some guys who just do not miss at all!!!

Not a good night for me but made back some money online.


£30 second chance a comp i really like. good structure and a nice amount of chips i turn up a bit later but only missed a few hands. It was a really strange table, i only played with 2 players on that table before! which is not normally the case these days at big slick, so i sat there patiently at the start just working out how everyone is playing. Same old bad play i see, people raising way too much and players not taking the pot down when checked to them twice and even three times but hey i like to see that. I cannot remember too many big hands before the rebuy period, i was on about 8k after the break which is a nice amount.

I take a few uncontested pots down, find AJ in early i raise it up, guy calls me, with only 2400 chips left and i think i made it something like 2k to go, so there was around 4.5k in the pot and i basically put him all in blind, flop came Q T 9, so i am up and down and he calls, he has AK with which gave him a gutshot and a flush draw! surprised he did not stick it all in pre to be honest. Anyway i miss and double him up. I then win with 99s vs AQ yes i know i won a RACE! shocking!! On about 10k and UTG a solid player raise, i find KK and think for a while and decide to move allin, some guy thinks for ages and said 'i cannot fold this, it would make me a German!' What the hell does that mean!!! But it put a smile on my face as he must be behind KKs and looks like he has to call! otherwise he will be a 'German' i figured he had AK or TTs, he thinks for ages and lets it go, damm! and Utg quickly mucks. The now ‘German’ folded JJs! Damm that was a missed opportunity for me, but I wanted to try the all in move more to try and get more chips! Guess it was not the right time to do so.

Blinds are now quite big with three tables left and I I’m in the BB we are 6 handed on each table and UTG moves in for 5k and blinds are 1k/2k I find A6, ok UTG has moved in what does that mean, according to all the books he must have a strong hand to moves in early, however I’m very suspicious of people who move in UTG, when blinds are high because they know they are the BB next and the SB after that and those blinds will cripple they stack and moving in now will give them a ‘free round’. Another point is the player is the time who wants chips, he doesn’t like been short. Also my A6 is ahead of KQ KJ QJ, which are legitimate hands to move in with 6 handed on the short stack, but the problem is even if I am ahead I’m never going to be too far ahead also he could have a big hand!! Like AJ AQ AK!!! I decide to call, I’m so tired of getting to final with so few chips, he had K4 and I’m a 63% fav but the 4 hits and I lose, later on I raise with AT UTG and the short stack the the BB says if I don’t not have an Ace I’m calling, he does not and calls with J2, which was fair enough as he was quite short stacked. I was a 67% fav this time but the 2 hit Twice! And I lose another pot!!!

Then I moved in on the button with Ah2h and the BB thinks for a while and calls with JJs!! Call quicker!! I’m stealing!!!! But guess what I get LUCKY!!! I hit an Ace!! Whoo hoo!! A few hands later I make final and one guy went out 2nd hand and we said £60 off the top for 8th place and I was all in next hand in the SB with A3 after a loose ish player raised it up with KJ, I lose and I’m out!!! Oh well a break even night, getting very annoyed with these 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th places had soooo many yes I know I make some money but I need that big win!! Its so frustrating, ive tried not taking on those 55/45 situation and ive tried taking them on but nothing works and those hands are crucial in these night time tournament, which are quite shooty. Oh wel!!


Played the £20 buy in with £10 rebuy comp, played very tight in the rebuy and did not even re buy!! I took the double add on and was in for £40 total which was nice, also had 10% in mr Riveru. I got my stack up with a few drawing hands and hit a few flops, then lost a lot with AK (again to 99s) I never win those races in the rebuy period, which can really build my stack! I then get most of it back with AJ vs QQs ( I got lucky but it does not count in the rebuy period in my books) I end the rebuy period with 8.9k which is good as only 3 tables in this comps.

Interesting hand came up when I was in the BB with A4, EP limped and the SB folded and I checked. Flop came 6 4 2, I check and EP checks, ok now I think my 4 is good, he would have bet the flop if he limped with a pocket pair and my 4 should be good unless he got 666, turn is a J not a nice card for me to see and I check, he bets out and I call, I feel I’m good here but do not want to raise as I don’t think he will fire another shell on the river, river is a J, ok this is a great card for, it makes it less likely for him to have a J, so the only hand I’m worried about is 666, which would give him a full house. I check and he bets out 3k and I have 5.8k left, hmmmmmmmmm it’s a nice pot to win and something told me that I should call this. As I was the only one in the pot I started to talk out loud, I said what did you limp with, not a PP because you have to bet that flop unless you have 666, so you cannot have 88s or 77s, I then say I can beat KT, you would have raised with an Ace or KQ etc, I kept saying I can beat KT, so I called and he looks at me, waiting for me to show my cards, but the rules of game say the last better should show 1st, he shows KT!!! OHHHH yeh!!! I guess I do know something about this game!! Got some surprised looks after the hand though!! I just smiled!

I felt this was my time now to get into the game and make final with plenty of chips, I then have KJ in the SB and limp to disguise my hand, the BB then moves in and I have him covered, if I lose, I’ll be just below average. I call and he flips over K2, he did it blind! Great for me and my KJ holds and I’ve got some chips to play with!!!

Ok I have made the change to gamble and get those chips and it was working, I had about 21k with 12k being the average chips size, with two tables to go I was in the BB with 67 and the button moves in for 5.8k and the SB calls for 4.9k, I have 1.2k invested in the BB and it was another 4.6k to call and I said I need to do some maths, the pot is 5.8k + 5.4k + 1.2k = 12.4k and its 4.6k more for me to call so I’m getting 2.7 to 1 to call and knock out 2 people with only 16 left. On the people side they moved in, in a desperate way so I did not read them for a big pocket pair. I call and they flip over AQ and AJ and I loved it, I’m a 33% fav to win the hand and the odds I was getting were huge. But I miss and lose 5.8k.

I then tried to take the blinds once a round but got card dead and people kept going all in before me, blind were 2k/4k and average was about 20k I had 12K and called an allin with KQ, I felt I needed to gamble and with the blinds folding and extra dead 6k helped! But he had AQ and I go out in 10th!
On a happy note mr RiverU chopped 1st place and I took £45 off him! So I ended up £5 up in the tournament!

I sat in cash which I tried to stay away from. I played two hands and there is no happy ending! Played KJ flop came J T Q, not a bad flop I check in the SB and 4 people were all in by the time it got back to me and I decide to fold on my up and down draw with middle pair, one guy had the flush draw, one str8 draw, one 2 pair and one set of Qs, which held up.

I then find AA and raised the pot and got 6 callers! That’s not good, flop comes Q J 2 and one guy bets £15 (loose player) everyone folds to me and I raise £60 more, loose guy calls and so does the rock on the table, not happy thinking rock may have QJ, turn is a 2! That’s a great card as I got the nut two pair. Other 2 guys end up all in and one got 10 9 and the other Q5, ok not K Q 8 and I take a £350 pot!!! River K!!!!!

Good night Big slick!!


At 4:15 PM, Blogger Jambon said...

"UTG moves in for 5k and blinds are 1k/2k"
this guy HAS to move in with any two cards here imo, he has basically no fold equity as is (unless the big blind is a mug and will fold for 3k more), but at least if he doubles up he will have 11k minimum and have some fold equity even after the blinds pass him. if he folds this hand and the blinds go through him, he will have zero fold equity on 2k, and still have no fold equity even if he doubles up his 2k
in summary, this is +EV to get involved with ur A6 if 1) u think UTG knows anything about tournament strategy, and 2) u pick up weakness from the players behind you.
unlucky in those cash game hands by the way!!


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