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Monday, September 04, 2006

Omaha Hi-Lo!!!!! / More Cash

From the post before i mentioned that i was playing a omaha hi-lo comp, $33 limit one, which i love to play. I like this game more than Omaha hi because i feel the weak players get punished more. Davey Lu thinks that in hi-lo the players mistake are rewarded with sometimes half the pot, but i feel that the weak players tend to get 1/4 of the pot as we chop the low and i win the high. Also there is always dead money in these multiway pots, where one person just going for the low, one with just a high and 2 others going for both (me!) Its just so sweet when they bet and raise the whole way with just a low and i come in to scoop or atleast take 3/4 of the pot.

Like i said im not going to give a proper report because it is a confusing game to talk about, i WON!!!!!! YEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i got $1306 comming 1st out of 162 runners was pretty sweet. i dont normally win comps, i have a lot of 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th to my name, which is soooo annoying so nice to win this to go with my big win on UB last week. We did a deal heads up and changed it from 1st - $1450ish and 2nd - $970ish, to $1300 and $1100, i was more than happy to deal as we were both tired and happy with over a $1k. We tried to deal 4 handed but one guy kept on rejecting the offer so we played on and it was sweet when i knocked him out. When then dealt heads up even though i had more chips, i just do not like going back on my word. By the way this was an online comp and you mite be thinkin how are you doing deals!!! Well on Poker stars you can call the manager to the table who will stop the clock as long as everyone is sitting out. Then the manager will 'run the numbers' according to chips in play and the prize pool and offer the chop. Its a nice feature to have when the game is going no where and there is a big jump between 1st and 4th, when all it takes is one hand, lucky for me after the deal got rejected i was on the winning side of that one hand when i got aggressive with 24JJ on a 355 flop turn a 6 giving me the str8 and a 65432 low, he had 555 and couldnot let go!! Sweet!!!!

So played some cash yday which went well, ended up about £250 up in the day, cannot remember any hands in detail right now, played so many, in about 370k in term of action points. Oh yeh there was one lucky hand, well not lucky more timming, there was a 5 minute break in the omaha hi-lo comp and i thought lets play some holdem on rivercard! I like poker star comps because when i get deep you can blow up the size of the table to the size of your laptop screen, which gives a nie focus on the game. Anyway during the break i got on to a table sat with $250 and as i sat down there were 2 ppl on their backs, A9 vs AA all in pre flop, this was obviously surprising. So player in seat 3 had the A9 which lost. Anyway i pick up QQ UTG after auto posting and make it $15 to play, Seat 3 raises to $40 and i flat call to see a flop. Flop comes Ten high and i check to the re raiser, i could have pushed, or checked to see where i stood but i decided on that flop to check raise all in, if he had KK or AA gd luck to him! Although in the pass i have thrown away QQs on a J or T high board putting someone on AA or K but this guy seemed a bit funny especially after the hand before, he then checks behind and i feel he has AK or 3 Ts which would be sick, turn is a Jc and i bet out $80 and he moves in, there are 3c on board and i have the Qc, if he has 3Ts i got 11 outs lets just hope he doesnot have AcKc, i call and he flips over Qh 7c, he is drawing dead! Sweet river gives me the flush and $515 in my hand, i stay for a little while but the table crashed as this guy moved all in every hand after that, but i did not get a hand, he take down a nice pot with 62 allin vs AJ and then lost it all with J5 vs KQ, crazy game! But great timing for me!!!!
Mite go Big slick tonite but not sure, parents came back from india yday so mite jus chil at home, we'll see


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