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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ladies Night At Big Slick!

After a late late night last night i woke up at around 630pm (went to sleep at around 1pm after a night out in london, where 8 of my mates crashed round my after) and i decided not to go all the way to gutshot and play the £100 freeze, which hates me!!! (Bubbled twice and 12th once, and final 2 tables loads of times!) I thought to go Big Slick for Ladies night, which is a unique comp, where ladies enter for free and get 1500 chips and men buyin for £20 and get 1500 and there after there is a £10 rebuy for 1000 chips. So i make my way down there and Dave Lu and his Girl friend Lauren have come to play as well, anyways we draw seats and i'm on lauren table, which is NOT good, she is a good player and very tight, therefore hard to get some chips pff her especially in the rebuy period, when its all about getting chips on your table.

The rebuy period starts off very strangly, we were 7 handed which was quite annoying but the worst thing was in the first 20 minutes no one rebought!!! The table was very tight and that does not work for me! So i started getting aggressive, which backfired and meant i started spending alot, which is not great in these 4/5 table comp as by haveing 5/6 rebuy you now need to come 4th or 5th to break even, which is not the way i like to play these comps. At one stage in the 2nd level one 3 people had a rebuy, one guy only had one rebuy and me and this other guy had the rest! This was not a good start to the night, i end up spending £90 before i get control of my game and pick up a few pots in a row with AK and then got quite lucky, on a flop of 7 5 4 rainbow i check raise allin the big stack with A6, he calls with 56 and i hit runner runner flush!! OHHH YEH!! Now i claim i never give out alot of bad beats and to be honest this really isnt too much of one, we can chop a few ways and an Ace will scoop for me, but there is one rule i will always say, there is NO such thing as a BAD BEAT in a REBUY period. One outters or running one outers, you lose REBUY!!! If not you probably should not be playing a rebuy comp. Ending the rebuy on 10k plus the 3k double addon for £20 left me on 13k and £110 in which meant i needed to come 6th or 7th to B-E.

I then just played a solid tight game and in these comps there is not too much room to play, i waited for nice hands or atleast be in position to take any pots away. I showed a tight image and as we got down to 2 tables i was on about 22k, which was above average but not comfortable as most one day comps are quite crapshooty and 15BB is not really enough to play with. So this guy moves to my table, i think his name might have been scott but not too sure, he had a betfair chip, a smile on his face and he knew Dave Pomroy from somewhere, if they play together then im in trouble, but this was just my 1st impression. I tend to size up my players when they sit down, i mean it easy a people game. He then started talking alot and knew a few people, although i hadnt seen him before. So i thought lets see what he does, he reminded me of Daniel Negreanu, not because he was at that level, just because he talked alot and wanted to see and play flops and would talk people into doing things that he wanted and always kept a smile on his face. Daniel does that alot before he ROBS people blind (not a pun) but people do not seem to care as he keeps the game friendly, im not saying this guy did this as well as daneil but he definately saw alot more flops in his BB then any other player, as more people were limping, even though the blinds were huge. (Sorry if i ruined your game plan!!! Sorry if i have totally misinterrpretend the situation but its a complement (such bad spelling!!)). He basically dominated the table and built his stack up while mine went day as i could not play a hand for like 4 orbits and my stack went down and blinds were going up. When 11 left i moved in with Q10 UTG (5 handed) BB called with A5 and i got lucky and stayed alive. 11th place went out and the usually do a deal for 1oth place came up and we all agreed £50 off the top for 10th. I then moved in UTG the next round with 10s and 'Daniel' called for about 70% of his stack, pot was around 58K with blinds at 2k/4k and average at about 28k, by the way he called he did not seem to happy, so i felt at worst 50/50, he flips over AJ, which i dont think is the right call against my range of 'allin hands'. The only hand he dominates (ie more than a 65% favourite) of my range of allin hands is A10, although i make the same move with KQ, im only a slight dog, if i have AQ/AK he is in trouble and if a pair higher than 10s, again he is in trouble. Also he has invested zero in the pot and i dont think you want to be doubling me up (yes i think im a dangerous player) when at best you are 50/50, but then AGAIN, we are 5 handed, everone gets paid, AJ is a big hand 5 handed, i could be making a move, and its a chance to knock a player out and still have chips spare if wrong. So we were off to the races, all blanks and an ACE on the river DOH! oh well cant complain, 50/50 when the money went in and lost. I walk away with 5 points for the league and £60 less in my pocket! I head off home not wanting to play cash, i feel tournys are gd in live rooms and cash is better for me online, i play premium cards in cash games and waiting in a live card room for that can take allllll night long!
Went home, watched Arsenal mess up against Villa, ate some food and went to play some Mario Kart at my mates house, we ended up playing a £1 freeze out, with four players picking one game each!!!! Holdem (boring Pratik), Omaha (Niraj), Irish (Amar) and Royal Holdem (Who else but me!) We played for like 3 hours and Niraj took out Pratik and Amar in the same hand of Omaha, it was 5am and offered niraj a chop!! £2 each!!!! Fun Times!!!!
Hmmmm I know what you are thinking????

Who is Donkey of the Day???? Well didnt see to many bad plays! I mean i did see bad plays but couldnt really see any awful plays, oh no wait!!! In Royal Holdem (Cards only 10 to A in the pack) Niraj flat called with the NUTS!!!! Board of A A K 10 K, Amar bet out with the K and Niraj flat called with AK, I said why you do that! He goes he could of had QUADS!!!! I laughed saying HOW!! You got his OUTS!!!!
So well Neal the Steal you win the DONKEY OF THE DAY AWARD!!!!! Congrats!!!

P.S While playing at Big Slick, i mentioned my blog and someone said yeh I saw it on the front page of the big slick website, I said no its on the forum section, so i had a look and someone has put in on the front page which is quite nice!!! Although i wonder if it will stay there when i start talking about my days at gutshot, hmmmmmm lol


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