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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

£30 Second Chance at Big Slick

Not much to say today, i have not played too much online poker, as i want to get ready for the Gutshot Series of Poker Main event, which will hopefully be a 4 day a event for me! I feel my online game can affect my live game so i want to stay clear of big games, so recently been playing some omaha hi-lo and badgui games instead. Just opened up an ultimate bet account, going to deposit £100 and just play some fun games like Royal Holdem and Pineapple at some low stakes just for fun.

Went to Big SLick and took the rebuy after 3 hands. UTG raises and i flat call with AK, the SB then re raises and UTG folds i then decide to push, thinking here is a good chance to double up and if not just rebuy. I felt i was ahead as the SB was a gd player i mite have been squezzing to take the pot down, as i showed weakness by flat calling a raise, therefore he cannot put me on strength. Here i decided not to play a small pot with AK, which i normally like to do in the early levels, but i felt this may set up a good image for me as well. People may not decide to make moves against me, if they know im not afraid to stick all my chips in. He calls in a flash with KKs, oppps! and i dont get lucky REBUY!!! the rebuy gives you 3k and the buyin gives you 2k, so i got more chips than everyone but the guy i gave my chips too. I play a more solid game and get to the 1st break with 3.5k, although i was targeting around 5k. Not much else to say really i played quite a solid game and my hands held up. One interesting hand before final was a nice battle of the blinds, SB limps and i check with 104. Flop 3 Q 10, SB checks but looked like he wanted to bet out. So i feel he wants this pot and may check raise me if i bet. That was the 1st impression i got, he is a solid player but is willing to bluff to take a pot down. So i decide to go on my read and bet out to see what he does, he makes a fairly quick raise, so i feel this was definatley pre determined, now the question is does he have a had? I feel he may have had a draw or just air. I decide to find out and re raise him back, to which he folds. Apart from that i took the blinds once every 2 rounds and stayed about average til final

Final was quite shooty and with 6 to be paid we were a long way away. We get down to 5 handed and i pick up my biggest hand of the night in the SB, it folds round to me (im the shortest stack) i look and see one Q and say allin, then see the other card is a Q (oppps!!!) i really wanted to slow play this hand, i couldnot afford not to get paid at that stage, the BB folds and i miss an opportunity, Im out next hand when i push on the button with a K, SB finds JJs and no suck out
Ended up £24 up!!! Whooo!!!
Sorry not too interesting today, 2mr should be a good write up, going to gutshot to play the tag team event with Pratik and also buyin into the GSOP main event, so 2mr costing quite abit!!


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