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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bounty Tournament and the Big Game!

Played the bounty comp at Big Slick, where it’s a £10 rebuy but if you knock someone out, as in make them leave the comp, you get a fiver!
I do really well in the rebuy period and get my stack up to around 17k, which is plenty and I got up to 14k after 50 odd minutes so I actually left the table for 15 minutes to make sure I don’t blow my stack away. Ended up spending £40 in chips + the £5 bounty chip. Did not really do anything different in terms of hands I played, my hands just held up and sometimes I got lucky. A big hand was when my AK held against K9 and A7, I started thinking this is not right, there is no way the poker gods will allow this and they will get me back when the rebuy period ends!!!!

2nd hand into the rebuy period 1+UTG raises like 7xBB, which is over half his stack, a strange move in my mind. He was below average but his raise threw out the idea of 88s or 77s to me I’m in the BB and have not looked yet. It folds round to me, and I say to the guy, ‘that’s a big raise, 3xBB is probably enough’ I then look down and see JJ and say ‘ok Allin’ he is not happy but calls with A9. The £5 chip is in the pot!!! I’m a good favourite to take the pot and take home a guarantee of £5! But two aces hit the board! Ok so not down to about average stack. I play nothing for ages!!!! The cards were sick. Just could not do anything, yes I know a good poker player does not need cards but if you have trash every time and people raise in front of you its very difficult in these kind of comps to push them off and make a successful move.

But I had to do something and I played a very bad hand. I’m on the button and someone limps in front of me. 7 handed 3 tables left (started with 4 tables) I have A2 and I raise it up and the blinds fold and he calls. Ok not great that he called but I do not put him on the A (would have raised on Cut off) and at least I got position. Flop comes K high, which in my mind is the worst possible flop as I give him a range of hands like KJ, KT, QJ, KQ basically broad way cards. He played a KT to a big raise, so that plays in my mind but he checks to me, as he should, always check to the raiser so you can check raise or let him bluff out. I decide to check behind, turn and river he checks to me and I just check behind thinking he has a bad K or a small pocket pair and would not bet it. He flips over A7, which is good! Doh!!!! He checks to me three times and I did not bet! What is wrong with me!!! I feel I should have at least bet the turn to at least find out where I was. Arggg!!!!!!

I end up play no more hand and I was down to 5 BB and the blinds were about to go up. I was in the SB and feel if folded around I got move in as I lose all my fold equity when the clock goes up, I find J7 and go all in, the BB finds AT and was close to folding for some reason!! Call Quicker!!!! He does in the end and I get no help and I’m out with 17 player left.

One good thing about that day was that I had 3 aims, not to spend to much on the rebuy period, not to play cash live and not to waste any money on the roulette machine!!! 3/3!!! I guess next time I play my aim should be to get in the top 3!!!
Big Game!!! 200 Buyin 3 Players, 1st gets 500 and 2nd gets 100!!! Wait it gets even better! We are playing 6 games not just Holdem, each player chooses two games each

Amar : Holdem and Pineapple
Niraj : Royal Holdem, 5 Card Draw
Yours truly, Dhruv : A-5 low ball double draw and Omaha Hi-Lo (feeling the low ball games)

(p.s when I say the buy in was 200 I meant 200 pence!! What did you think I meant?)

This was the most fun I had playing poker for such a long time!!! We are all new to most of these game, although Niraj played a bit of 5 Card Draw and you know I like my Omaha Hi-Lo but the rest is all new. Amar commented that ‘why play these games, we know good’ me and Neal replied ‘we did not how to play holdem a few years ago!’ I learnt with these two boys, we started off with 3 card poker and monopoly money! Fun times for sure!! So when I make my millions and millions leaving in Vegas I wont forget you two! Lol (I wish!!!)

But the games were really fun, but obviously we did not know what was a good hand so there was a lot of bluffing and bluffing with the best hand situation. I’ll try and remember a big hand from each game

Holdem : I raise for like the 4th hand in a row with JJ, they both call (fish) Flop A Q 3, checked round, turn a T and checked to me and I bet out, Amar calls, Niraj folds, river the sweet K to give me the straight and Amar checks to me, I bet big and Amar instant calls (does not even move his chips in) so I think it must be a chop. I shows JJ and Amar mucks saying RIVERED!!!

Royal Holdem : I get JJ and Boards ends up something like A K Q Q T and Amar fires out on the river and I fold saying I cannot beat anything!!! Amar shows AT!! Doh!!!

Omaha Hi-Lo : This was the final hand of the night, me and neal heads up. Flop came 9 6 7 2 hearts, I’m holding QQ45 2 hearts and Niraj bets and I move in he calls instant, claiming he has a low! There is no low out there!!! Opps!!! He has a low DRAW though but misses and I take the 500p!!!

Pineapple: Cannot remember, boring game!!

5 Card Draw: Big hand early on, Niraj on the button and I’m in SB. Neal limps and I raise with 6644Q, Amar calls with JJxx, and Neal re raises!!!! I smooth call and Amar folds. I change one and so does Niraj, ok so I put him on 2 pair, ok a big draw like 789T all spades or something like that. I change my Q and pick up an Ace, we playing double draw so I got one more draw, I check and Neal bets out and I call. Neal got more experience than me at this game so I do not know how strong my hand is. I throw the A and pick up a 2, ok some people keep the A but why? Only helps if he got 6644x, which is quite unlikely. Anyway Niraj stand pats! Doh!! He is representing a 5 card hand as he is not changing. But there was something in his voice about the way he said ‘stand pat’ like he was too confident! So I check and saying to myself you can call his bet, he may have been trying to make a move before the cards were dealt. When I check he thinks and checks behind, so I think I must be good. I say two pair and he goes samem I say you win, he says I cannot! I was like I got 6s and 4s and shows 6s and 3s!! Yeh!!!!!

Low Ball: Was fun but nothing to big to remember.

Ok now here is something for you to do! Basically I only know a few of these games, leave a comment if you have any advise about the games in question or if you have any other fun games that are worth try, please leave a comment and let me know!!!


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