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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bad Night at Big Slick!! But Recovered Online!!

Played the £10 rebuy at big slick, which went really bad, was doing ok until i lost a nice pot with K3 on a board of K77, when jerome bet out i raised and mayur decided to move in with 66, myself and jerome called and we were choping until a 6 hit on the river, then i played QQ AJ and KKs and lost all those hands which were all in on flops or pre. It was a £10 rebuy but i take a double rebuy each time so each rebuy cost me £20, so it got expensive, ended up all in on the last hand with top pair vs a flush draw and the flush hit! So i double rebought then took the double addon for £40 total so spent about £120 and had basically the minimum amount of chips! Folded every hand in 1st orbit and picked up 55s UTG but the table was 6 handed at the time, i pushed needing a double up but i'd rather pick up the blinds with a hand like 55s, it folded round to Mayur in the SB who said i respect your bet and he folds AhKh the BB however did not and called with AsKs, flop bought 2 spades and i was out, went with my mate Pratik and with 3 tables left he was looking strong, he went on to come 2nd and take £500, which aint too bad, but he still has never won a comp in his life, whether its a home game or a 100+ runner event, he just cant play heads up!!

Cash game went really bad could not pick up a playable hand and every pot was raised! so it got expensive when i called with 6h4h and 7s5s and the flop was always JK10, so sick when that happens, was an action game but nothing going my way, David Pomroy came on the table (high roller, nice guy, met him through a mate) He sat in for £500 with everyone else on £100 although he didnt really bully alot, as he played a quite solid game unless he picked up A9 (his killer hand, if you see him on the EPT final table in Dublin, he calls an all in with A9 high vs a set and his runner runner for a striaght! Video is on You tube!) I got involved with him on a K Q 10 2 spade board, i was holding the Ks5s, which is a nice hand, i check raise all in to his bet and he calls instantly, now i think im behind but got outs, the pair and the flush draw can be such a lovely site but when you get called you are almost always behind. He goes to me sorry, he flips AJ i say hmmmm i got outs, turn is a 5 giving me 2 pair and a flush draw but a blank on the river means RELOAD!!!! I lose another £100 later on in the game calling a lot to see flops and never really connecting, was difficult to bluff as most people were betting and raising every flop and it was difficult to win a hand with out a showdown and in that sort of game you need to pick my hands and get the max when u got the goods and lose the min when you aint.
Over all £290 down at Big Slick (although £100 up earlier online) so not a great night for me, gona go play some $2/$4 and keep the grind alive!

Just played for just over an hour and made just under £300 two tabling, sat with $250 on two 6 handed tables left one with $240 and the other $800, just played some solid poker and not too many pots relying on draws, hate draws!!! Not really any interesting hands to post about, i just took alot of $20/$30 pots un contested, although I remember making a bad move early on
Was on about $300 with QJ and limp for $4, the SB makes in $16 to go and i call, flop Ks 10d 3s, he bets $32 and i call, turn is a 9s giving me the nut str8 but always there is no a flush draw out there, he checks to me, and i have to bet here incase he has the bare As and i cant allow him to draw out, at this point i feel he had AK and is scared of the 9s as it is a big drawing card. i bet about $50 and he calls, river is a 3c which pairs the board, so now i am losing to a flush or a house, he checks to me. i have two options here (yes i know you always have 2 options!) i can check as the only hand i will get called against is AK or a better hand or i can value bet and hope he will call with AK, i decide to bet out here another $70, he MOVES in and he has me covered. YUK!!! Now what? I wished i checked behind!! This is the problem with two tabling!! You lose EV on each table however ur overall EV should increase, i dont know how you manics like Jambon and Flash play like 6 tables it insane! So i think for a while and feel that he put me on a flush and knew i would bet the river which is great if he has a house, i felt he could on the turn on a draw but put him on the As draw but maybe he was looking to pair the board as he was sitting on KKK or 101010, i decide to lay it down and wait for a better spot, i felt for him to make that move he must be beating a flush, and have the house, although he could have had the AsQs as another hand to make the same move, he didnt show so dont know whether it was the wrong move or not.

Ok that was a bad hand i played but still ended up nicely up, so lets just talk about a nice hand i played before i go to bed, I pick uo 6s7s ( ohhhhhhhhh yeh!!) and someone min raises everyone calls, so $48 in the middle (well a little bit less due to rake, oh btw im on about 254k action points!!) flop comes two spades, i check and some one bets (on the button!) out $30 and i call, everyone else folds, turn is a 7 giving me a pair and a flush draw, i lead out for $45 and he calls but he only has $45 left so now i'm thinking i should have put him all in because i dont think he will folded to any bet on the river unless he is flushing aswell, if he had a big hand he should stick his last $45 in so i dont suck out, well the river is a blank and i push in his last $45 and he thinks for ages until the timer expires to FOLD!!! Phew!!!!, although comming to think about it i might be bluffing with the best hand there, it was a $200 pot which he folded for $45 hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Oh well gd for me!!! off to bed gd nite all !!!


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