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Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Week in a Flash

Just got back to uni and been out abit especially to birmingham and a few spins at a casio which did not go wel!!! (why do i keep playing!!!)
Ok i'm about to go play some basket ball so going to keep this brief.


Went to gutshot to play the £5 rebuy for fun!!! I have not played at Gutshot since the GSOP and thought it would be fun to play the £5 rebuy which i had not played since Decemeber when i actually won it!!!! But got very lucky! With only 500 in chips as starting stack and alot of runners the clock does not help! Therefore you need to get lucky or get alot of chips in the beginning. I was actually the dealer on my table which meant i got a free entry!!! (did not do it for that reason just did it so i would not get some idiot dealing and slowing down the game)

My aim was just to go crazy!!!! Moving in blind etc!!! Hey i'm used to a £20 rebuy, £5 should be fun!!! I tried to play mental but the table was soooooooooooo tight!!!! When ever i got called they had KK or AA!!!! Which is annoying i want them to have AQ and AK!!!! So instead of pushing i would raise like half my stack pre and stick it in on any flop! Someone called me with Q high once ! it was good! :( !!!!

Last 10 hands or so i got a big stack but then found my 1st legit hand AJ!!! I raised and people moved in! I called! Massive hand!!!! They had KK and AQ !!! hmmmmmm couldnt get out of that one but it was a huge!!! Pot, so a bit well a lot of luck there would have really helped!!!!!

Then i get 99 in the last hand i move in and get called by J8, Flop 9 8 3 and i think i cannot lose this, then i see Tom near the table shouting for the cards to hit my face! and they do! it comes 7 T for him to scoop!!! Ouch!!! How big a fav im i on the flop!!!

i went out shortly after the rebuy period as i had no chips!!! Someone told me ' you doing your xxxxx in the £5 rebuy!!!!' I said NO!!! £35 is a good night for me!!!!!

The main reason i went to gutshot though was to give the big game (£1/£2) a go. i sat with £250.............. but i gotta go so will post later what happened!!! ohhhhhhhh i bet you on the edge of your seat now!!!!


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