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Friday, October 06, 2006

Long time!!!! Gutshot Cash / Tournaments online

I guess the novelty of the poker blog has wore off me! I have not been posting too much since i got back to uni, mainly because i have just been playing less poker and when i do play im having like 20 min sessions on the internet, and to be honest writting about those interent sessions are just really boring to me!!! i also tend to be watching prison break or smallville while i play so not really focusing that much!

Ok last time i posted i left you hanging at the edge of your seat after i played a cash game at gutshot! Ok well the wait is no more!!! Ok so i sat with about £240ish. The table did not look too impressive, a few regular faces that have certain repuations of rockyness and fishness but i decided that since i had not been there for a while i will wait to see how they play before making any reads based on past experiences, which is what i normally do

1st hand i played i almost went on SUPER SUPER Tilt!! Im in the BB with 5s2s the gutshot powerhouse!!!! (its like their hand!) It had been straddled to £5, im in for £2. It folds round to the button who calls and the Sb folds. I call the £5 and the straddle raises to £16 more and the button calls say i decide to call. Flop comes 9 4 4, not what i am looking for and it checks round. The turn is a 6, which gives me a gutshot str8 draw. I check straddled checks and the button moves in for a massive £5 into a £60 ish pot, i decide he has nothing, he has had it checked to him twice and maybe he is on a draw. i decide to raise and maybe get the straddle off a small pair or off his AK higher, or atleast juice up the pot if i hit my straight. Soooo i raise £25 on top, the straddle folds, i also wanted to get a poor table image, i was playing to seat there for a while and was willing to lose some cash for repuation purpose, basically a short term EV play for a long run EV play. Straddler folds and the last card is a blank, i say you win, he shows pocket 88s and takes the pot down. Now you must be thinking why would i go on tilt! Well mr i know everything about poker tells me i want to see your cards! he was not in the hand but wanted to see my hand which i think is very rude. He then later excuses me of collusion, which really really pissed me off. Anyone who knows me knows that i would not even think of cheating and he just got me on tilt. i then turned my ipod on full blast and shut everyone out the game! i just kept thinking they want you on tilt chill out and focus on taking their money! I have been told by more experience players not to get into personal issues with people in the game, whether its the players, TD or the dealer!

I focused and picked up a few drawing hands like AQ and AJ and a few 108, not too much connecting though, about 30 minutes in i picked up AQ and someone raised in the cut off, i was in the SB. i flat call as well as a few others the pot was around £50. Flop was very nice Ace high and quite a dry flop (no str8 draws and flush draws). i check and someone fires out £50 to the raiser, this in my mind is a strange play, why fire out on an Ace high flop to the pre flop raiser. If they have an Ace which you can beat they will i would check raise and even if they do not have an Ace they will represent it most of the time and you can check raise then. But he seemed like a weak player, i had not seen him play many hands but his body language suggests he had not played alot. The raisers then thinks for ages and eventually mucks, while she was thinking i decided if she folds i will re raises him all in for £110 more but if she was to call or raise i would muck, i had only invested £10 and didnt need to commit my stack against someone who could easily have AK, AA or KK. Also by making my decision before she acted i could act quickly, she folded and i moved in instantly! It looks like i had made my hand and my decison when the flop came (which was not the case, i can easily fold AQ here!) The guy thinks for ages and mucks saying i have 2 pair or better. I then say i will show if you show, he mucks quicker! He had nothing! i'm sure of that, pre flop raiser had TTs which was fair enough.

I was now on about £300ish and it was going nicely, i picked up a few hands and kept taking pots of around £50, i took a nice pot with TT on a board of 5s4c5c, it checked round to me on the button and i checked, i felt my hand was winning but wanted to see one more card and also keep the pot small if i have to pay off someone with a 5 in their hand, the turn is a sweet Ts!!!! Someone fires out and i smooth call and someone else calls, i'm hoping a spade/club peal off if someone flushing and now hoping someone has the four, again i pre determined my str8, i said if a black card is on the turn i will raise/re raise POT, a black J comes on the river! Someone fires out £25 and i raises it up to something like £120, a big bet!! One quickly folds and the beter folds slowly, hmmmmm maybe could have value better but atleast no one saw my hands, been playing for a while and still have shown no hands!!!

Mr i know anything about poker did not get in my pots and i never got in his, not because of the hidden tension but more because we did not have hands that clashed but i really wanted a pot of him. im in the BB with Q4 and 3 others in the pot flop and turn is 2 3 T 5 and the river is a sweet A, Mr Poker checks i bet out £15 and get a caller reclutantly from someone, Mr Poker then raises to £40 and i quickly look at the board and smooth called with 2nd nuts as the other guy mucks, i quickly shows the hand and he mucks! OK i could have been such a dick and said show me your hand! But i was happy, i was steaming about the accusation but i clearly came over it and with a stack fo £400 i was not complaninng.

I really could not lose big pots the way i was playing, i was always getting away cheap and fold draws if too expensive. I made a str8 on the river on a paired board and just flat called a guy with a house. The game was quite soft it was quite obvious when they had it or not just based on betting patterns.

I then get in a big hand, i'm on about £450 and a new big guy comes and sits down, he looks like one of those guys who goes POT POT POT!! On every street, the other players were soft enough for me to make cash off them so i did not need to tangle. I then pick up 7s8s and limp £2, Mr Pot raises up to £10 and he gets 3 callers i call! Flop Qs 8d 5s !!!! Bingo Bango Bongo!!! Or is it???? i start getting pariod and start thinking i could be getting alot of chips in here that i do not need to, i was winning these £50 pots with almost no showdowns did i need to get involved in this massive draw?? Then i thought is this why i do not make big wins on cash? These or crucial hands which tend to be 50/50 if cards were shown but in a tournament i never try and get my money in on a 50/50 why do it here, when i know there is an easier way to make money??? Anyway i check and he bets pot £35 and someone else calls and i call but i was thinking of folding, i got worried thinking does one guy have As3s and Mr Pot have KKs or even QQs, who knows!!! I said to myself you can afford to call and you have a massive draw but another thing holding me back was that i knew i only had one shot at this pot, if i miss on the turn another pot bet would be £140 and i would not call that. So i call with my one shot! I get immediate services with the 6s! which also gives me an up and down str8 flush draw!! (incase i was up against AsKs i got outs!!!) So i check and the guy bets pot, other guy thinks for a while and folds AQ, i then moved in!!!! Against one oppennet there is only one hand i put him on that he could bet pot with pre and on flop and on turn and be winning with and that was AsKs, he didnot call instantly so i felt safe!!! I was now 100% ahead in this hand but he had not folded, now i wanted the call, pot was about £650 and would be £950 if he calls, he eventually folds!!! I was happy either way!!!!!

I end up on about £650ish and a nice profit to take home!!! One thing that stood out was i never raised once pre flop, the biggests hands in picked up was AQ AK and TTs and each time someone else raised the pot before me, so i was happy to smooth call. i'm kind of glad i didnt pick up AAs or KKs though, i was playing great flop poker and its easy to getting blinded by the strethgen of your starting hand.

Online Tournaments

Moved into my new house and not played alot of poker played 4 online comps on rivercard and i'm doing quite well at the moment maybe not making alot but getting results, oh placed at poker soc £10 freeze out ended up comming 6th which paid out £20, got one beat which was sooooo sick but just because the way it happened, guy limps, i see KKs (2 tables left) and raise it up he then moves in and i call instantly. He shows AT and my KKs in good shape FLOP T 4 4, (not a gd start but still a good favourite against his 5 outs,) turn is a 4, i got a house and i feel good, river another 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sick!!! I have quads with a K high he has it with a A high!! YUK!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway played a $10 speed (blinds up every 3 mins) and came 3rd out of 173 runners won about $200 there, then played the 15k gtd a $27 rebuy with a good structure and a 15 min clock, did a deal with my house mate for 30% and i had 30% in him, he gets in the money for $174 and i come 6th for $609 so i paid him some money but was a nice win another on final my KKs lose to JJs when 7 handed and it was a HUUUUUGEEEEEE pot!!!!

Played the $27 speed 5 gtd just now on River card was in for like $140 bucks! which meant i would need to make final to make profit and Guv had 30% in me again and visa versa, with 3 tables left (top 18 pay) me and Guv 1st and 2nd in chips and we were both looking for that $2,681 top prize and 2nd $1,700, but as its a speed tournament no one has more than 20 BB and guv lose his stack quick time! I make final and took the blinds and doubled up in crucial moment, My AK/Q always held up against the Axrags and i won a huge pot with AQ vs 44s!!!! I actually WON tournament!!! Igot $2,681!!!!! which was so sweet but Guv was loving it as i owe him £425 !!! he was jumping up and down!!! Only becuase every time we do not do a deal he cashes and when ever we do, i win!!!! So annoying!!! he is such a luck box!!! But hey £1000 aint tooooo bad!!!!!

Hendon Mob

Just a quick note on this, i randomly got an email from the hendon mob saying that they added my blog on their site, which was quite flatteren to be honest!!!! i m not too sure why but hey i do not mind at all!!! A little bit of fame i guess!!! I guess my blog must be kind of interesting then????!!!! Well i hope it is!!!!!
Here is the link below

Thanks all folks!!!


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