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Saturday, April 07, 2007

My 1st TV Tournament!!!!!!!


I qualified yday for the VC Student Poker Championship, i know i said i would not play online poker til my exams were over but i had won my seat to the semi final through a $5 sat ages ago. This was invite only and you had to qualify to the semi-final!

Yday there were 111 runners with the top 18 making it to the live tv final in london, i doubt the whole tournamnet will be on TV, most likely the last 6 but its still a 'TV' tournamnet, so i am quite excited!!! Congrats to Dave Lu Jambon JD and Ged who also got their seat! Warwick really showing their strength in that tournament!!!!!

On the side note, i thought i would play something on the side, so i put some cash on stars and played a 2 x $50 freeze outs which i did awful in and a $11 rebuy which i did even worse in. Also played two omaha comps a $8 freeze out and a $20 6 max freeze out but hi-lo. I won both of them!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!! Not alot of cash but always nice to win a tournamnet with oer 150 runners (the $8 one)!!!!!!

Thats about it! Not much to comment on as i have been 'working'!! Seen some good poker on TV thought the Will Hill Grand Prix 2 is definately worth a look, also the new season of the WPT is comming out which is always good fun to hear Vince and Mike but its basically an allin fest and re raising poker!!! To Finish off i'll quote Vince Van Pattern

Poker is like making Love its all about Position!!!!!!!!!!!


At 12:34 AM, Blogger Stephen said...

heyy, do you have any information on when this tournament is? I also qualified but y'know i need to know soon to make sure i dont make plans.


At 12:20 PM, Blogger Dhruv Doshi said...

Sorry i have no info, i emailed VC poker with no reply and posted on the uk student poker forum but still no word


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