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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Quick Tournament Boast!!!

Just switched my blog to the google blog thing, i dont really know what it means so i thought i'd do a quick post and see if it is different!

Basically started to play more poker and my results are certainly improving especially tournaments online! which i have always found difficult. The main reason why i have been doing better is that i am playing less freeze outs and more rebuys where you can really get some chips early on and play some good poker later down the line. For example on Ultimate Bet you can take a double top up and a double addon , which can get you to 10.5k without playing a hand after the rebuy period. with binds at 100-200 (or less) this is a huge stack to play with! But this can get quite expensive so i have been playing $10 rebuys in holdem and Omaha!! Played the $10 rebuy on omaha and holdem yday and cashed twice, i won the $10 omaha with 78+ runners for $840 and just got in the money in the holdem with 144 runners for $42 ( aloss but something i guess) Got knocked out with TT vs A5 vs AK when the Ace hits i had two outs which missed! Also been playing a lot of $5/$10 turbo rebuys to win a $109/$215 seat. I tend to just cash it out and take some UB tournament $s and play some sit n go with it! Loving the $20 turbos on UB!!!

Played two tournaments on stars, i dont know why! i never do well in stars! Played a $10 freeze in omaha and was out in 5 hands, when i was in for a treble up, with a big draw but missed! and played the $55 freeze as well with 900+ runners and a $10,000+ top prize, was playing really well and making alot of moves early on. With about 400 left i lost half my stack with TTs vs AQ after i re raised allin, then lost the rest of my stack with AK vs JJ when i again re raised allin! Two annoying coin flips! (even in the UB holdem lost a big 'coin flip' to knock me out!

On Rivercard i keep playing the speed tournament as they are sooooo much fun! i mean the stucture is awful but you can win $2,000+ in just over an hour! I won the $5k gtd the other day taking over $2,200 which was nice, did nothing special just got the right cards at the right time!! Jus played the same tournament tonight and came 5th for a $450+ cash!

Dsop went ok last week, was a £5 rebuy and i came 5th, just cashing but making a £10 lost in the end!!! Was a good laugh but having two table meant the structure was not as good as it normal is, so will definately being making DSOP a one table tournament again! Congrats to Richard Mylles, Thomas Grundy , Guruvinder Khabra and Jamie Brown for also cashing in the event!!!

Ok thats about it!!! Tournaments going well and so is Cash, up just over $5400 this month which aint to bad considering i'm back at uni 'working'!!!!


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