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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Home Game - Great Fun - True Poker!!

50 Rebuy!!!!!!

Pence that is!!!! I and two housemates Guv and Pav played an awesome home game! The stakes were high and table was tense and the game was Omaha! I was feeling confident after my online win in Omaha and I knew Pav and Guvs ability in the game! Pav always trying to make plays and Guv overvaluing hands! But all that was out the window in the rebuy period!! This was great fun!!!! Pav kept losing everything!!!! He re bought loads!!! I and Guv were in for almost the minimum of £2 as there was a double top up! I had a very nice stack and Pav and Guv were close to each other!!!! It was £8.50 to the winner! The rebuy period was basically seeing every flop and I had the better of it!

This was our 1st game on our new table, which is really nice and increases when needed, which means there will definitely be some future poker games! Pav then took a massive pot from me! I had 8xxx and the flop was 8 high, I checked he checked, turn was a 3 which put a straight out there which I felt I could represent. So I bet quite big, he called, the river was an 8! Nice card for me but what did he call with on the turn. I thought I’d put a blocker bet out here, which I do a lot in Omaha and get away to a raise. At lower levels so many people forget Omaha is still poker and you can bet people off hands etc. whereas so many people play for the nuts and call with 5th to 2nd nuts. I put the bet out and Pav raises me!!! Doh!!!! Ooooh well it was a blocker bet and I felt he had the str8 but then I thought why would he raises when the board paired up, did he have nothing? Or a house? But then I remember it was Classic Pav plays it poorly, he slow plays soooo much and always ends up having the nuts on the flop or turn but only bets the river when he doesn’t have the nuts! He does it all the time! I felt I cannot call with 888, as I think he has the str8. I could either move in or fold! I decided to let it go as he shows 2 3 for a counterfeited two pair! OpppS!!

I then slowly lost some pots by calling off my chips and missing flops. I then called a raise from Guv. With As8s5cTh or something like that, flop came 2 3 5, I check and he bets pot, leaving himself with basically nothing, so it was basically an all in move. Ok I should probably muck my gutshot with top pair, however there was a nice amount in the pot and it was clear he had JJ or QQ to me by the way he bet, the flop was a rainbow so no flush draws out there. IF he has a bare JJ, I can hit an Ace, a Four, a Five, a Eight and a Ten. 3 + 4 + 2 + 3 + 3 = 15 outs! If my read is right! I took the gamble and I was right he had 99s!!! But a big blank blank came and I was crippled!!!!

But hey!! Short stack poker!!! That’s is my game!!! Bring it on I thought to myself!!! Dru Poker all the way!!!! I steal a few blinds but lose them back as Pav steps up a gear with a huge lead. Guv then loses a few pots to Pav as well! Other house mates Kyle and Kavit watch for a bit seeing Pavs chips rising and rising! I then got close to Guv by taking down small pots as the blinds increased. Then Guv raised pot and I found AKQT doubled suited and moved in, Guv had to call with JJxx. I hit the flop quite nicely and take the pot down! Guv is now short and loses his chips quickly after. Its now me and Pav HUs! I love HUs poker but my Omaha heads up record is not great! But hey I fancy my chance even though he had a huge chip lead. I honestly cannot remember much apart from me hitting four pair on a board but Pavs flush was good and very well played (not plays it poorly that time!) I was very short and found JJxx double suited and pushed Pav called with a random bunch of cards (good call as he had such a chip lead, everything in Omaha is 52/48 anyway) he hit two and took it down!!!!!!


We then played a Holdem £2 freeze out!!! Which was sooooo much fun! Pav kept bluffing me with the best hand in Omaha and rubbing it in! I thought I ‘d take this next tournament to school him in poker!!! Pav kept calling with anything and kept betting showing J high or bottom pair. I then won a big pot off him when he was close to call me with T high which was good as I was representings Guvs 74sooooooted for 7 High!!! SHiiiiiiip Itttttt!!!! Pav on manager tilt as I hit trips the next hand and he called me with some filth! It was so bad that Guv looked at his hand and started cracking up!!!!! Guv stacks disappeared somehow but cannot remember exactly how! He was tooo busy laughing at mine and Pavs battle to play any poker!! This was a really funny game! You had to be there to understand it!!!! Pav knocked Pav out with AK vs A5 after Guv pushed with A5 in SB and Pav found AK. The flop was 2 3 3 , gd flop for Guv, turn a 5! As he starts to take his chips the river a K!!!!!

It was a rematch me and Pav HU again but this time I had the chip lead, and took it down very quickly!!! Pav just could not do anything!!!!!

So Now I was £4 up and Guv was £4 down and Pav was even!!!


As we were playing for loose change we started playing whore poker!!!

For those who do not know the game it was created (to me) at South Norwood in the Summer Home Games of 2005 with Gary Zenal Shane Myron Pete and Phil. Since there I have shown people at poker soc the game in Scotland and Guv loves the game! Basically it’s a good way of sorting out the loose change in a home game. You get dealt a hand face up and everyone agrees to put it £3.50 or £5 or even £20 and its winner takes all! Everything is dealt face and up and the river is always exciting!! There are other ways of playing, like doing the community cards 1st and then exposing the hole cards one at a time! Either way it’s exciting especially in our game as we did Omaha Whore Poker!!! Even crazier!!

Guv and I played the 1st one and I won, then he went broke and left to go to his room while me and Pav played a few hands with our other housemates Kyle and Kavit dealing the cards! The Atmosphere was hilarious! Watching shocking cards turn over! Then Guv heard the noise and came back with a wallet full of cash! Normally Guv is the luckiest guy in the world and could not understand how he was losing in a game of lucky especially to me!! I mean when his number does not hit in roulette he is surprised to be fair so am I ! Well tonight was not Guvs night as I took all his money!!! SHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPP IIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!

The best hand was in Omaha when my pair of 3s on the board held up!! Guv could not believe it! I also had a maverick moment where I needed to expose my last hole card on a board of 3 5 9 J K, Guv had a pair of 5s and I had three overs exposed but no pair! I slowly lifted my card with two hands with the card sandwich in my hand, raised it higher than my head and dropped it to the table (was standing up) It was a swwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttt 9! To ship the last of Guvs money that he had on him!!! Oh btw Whore poker is more fun because rub downs are necessary!!!!!!

Next Blog will probably be about the return of DSOP, for those who do not know about it. It’s the Dhruv Series Of Poker, (I know you are probably laughing) but this is an awesome event at my uni. It is basically about ten events where Tinoyta Player of The Year Points are award with various buyins and games. This is the 3rd and final year of DSOP and hoping to make it big and better than ever. The 1st event is a £5 rebuy taking place next Tuesday, its normally a STT but the 1st event had so much interest we will be having 20 runners. The tournament is great because the game moves fast, there are strict rules, two decks running with good dealers and a great structure to allow moves and a lot more skill in the game. I actually won DSOP in 2005 and Thomas Grundy won it in 2006 (I came 2nd boooooooo!) If interested about the other players and events, can always check out in the home games forums, I tend to put reviews of the game on there but now will do it on my blog, soooooo sorry to bore the non Warwick people out there!!!


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