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Monday, February 19, 2007


Having a good week so i thought i would share the news after last weeks disappointment in the 'five minutes of fun' post!

Monday Night

Came 1st at Poker soc and Guv came 3rd, we are in the same mob and showed we are a contender for mob of the year (see mob section) BUT on top of that we took a massive leap in getting our own mob name back. We are called club medusa named after a visit to a strip club in birmingham (house invational for me!) Anyway saef the loser on the left stole the name and made a mob with the same name, we bet on who ever has more points get the name at the end of term! But they have not accepted as they are way behind as we are soooo much better than them at poker!! Saef came 7th that week and was crying the whole way watchin me and Guv tear down the tournament!!!

Wednesday! Vday! Dont worry no romatic stories here! Just good fun watching Arsenal beat Bolton in the FA cup and playing some Tiger Woods and Drinking Game (i dont drink!) at jambon and Kaders place!

Thursday! - Bowling!!! Poker Soc social they went Wing wah 1st but i hate chinese food so came for the bowling after! it was great fun! the funniest thing was on the drive there, we saw Dave Lus car and flashed him, JD jags and Dave got scared! And drove in the other direction to aviod us! (obviously not knowing it was us, thinking it was so mad pikes on tilt!) Anyway got to the bowling place and got some bets going!
1) £10 vs Guv 2) £10 vs Jambon 3) £10 vs Flash but he had a handicap of +91/2pts so i had to win by more than 9.5 pts to win the bet. 4) £5 vs JD 5) £5 vs Suzie with a 60 pt handi cap!!
I bowl a 183! My best score ever!!! And take a cool £40!!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeet

Next Game New bets! Tom and Guv wimped out! 1) Jambon £10 2) Lauren with a 115 handicap 3) Saef with a 75 Handicap and 4) Sarah with a 55 handicap!
I beat Jambon, only beat saef by 50 points so he won, i beat Sarah by 75ish points. Then it was down to Lauren!
i finshed on 162 and she had 44! She had her last go! She needed 4 points!!! She throws it down and gets a gutter bowl! As i jump up!!!! Next one she throws rolls down the gutter! Hits the 10th pin! Which drops three other pins!!!!!!! BOooooooooooooooooooooOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She wins by ONE point!!! (although i won by 114 points!!) Gd game lauren!!!

Sunday Night!
Played in the stars million with no success
Played in the $75k gtd on Rivercard $54 rebuy! About $88k was in the middle for $22k for 1st! 690+ runners and i came 5th! for $3.7k, not too bad! Cant really complain! I won a few 50/50s which is really nice! Lost a big pot with two tables left with AQ vs JT but honest can not complain, got some nice hands and like i said i won some RACES!!!!

Ok that about it! poker Soc 2mr, hopefully get so more points for Club Medusa and also move on the ladder for Player of the Year!!!!

Also qualified for WaSOP last year which was good! Every year i have satted my way in!!! For those who dont know WaSOP is the Warwick Series of Poker a yearly event held by Warwick University and sponsered by Rivercard!!!


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hehe, gg Dhruv :)


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