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Monday, February 12, 2007

5 Minutes of 'FUN'!!!!!!!!


I dont normally likely to complain about bad beats as its a part of poker and in the long run focusing on bad beats will have a negative effect on your overall game! (also trying to aviod doing my coursework)

BUT I just need to let off some steam about 4 hands i played in about 5 minutes!!!

Poker Stars : Buyin $215 : Million Gtd!

I have basically not won a hand for an hour. I just shoved in the last hand with 88s and the limpers folded as well as the blinds.

I find QQs!! next hand and CO+1 raises 3xBB and i shove with QQs, he thinks for a while and calls with 55s!!! The 5 hits on the turn and i am outtttttttttter of here!!!

Fair enough not too bothered, wasnt deep into the comp and i was only a 80% fav

Rivercard: $2/$4 NL : Stack : $380

I call a raise with AJ and another player does aswell. Flop is K J J. They check to me and i bet out $32, the initial raiser folds. The caller re raises to $90. I shove for my stack and he calls with KQ!!!! and the KING hits on the river!!!

Ok another two outer, very annoyed but that poker!

Ultimate Bet: Buyin $215 : 200k Gtd

Just donked off most of my stack to Action Jeff he called me down with middle pair. I know you thinking what a player but he then called an allin with Q2 (2 high flush draw) and got it in with AK with 69 or some rubbish like that. The annoying thing here is that i did not relaise he came on the table to have some fun, he is a high high stakes player who was clearly messin about in the tournament, the unfortunately thing is that i had to be the sacrifice for the table to find out that information!!! anywaysssss

In BB with 6 2 and check. FLOP 2 Q 6 i check and someone bets pot, i then shove and he calls with 65!! Bit strange but to be fair i didnt have too many chips. Turn K and river K!!! CHOP CHOP!!!

Ok REALLY PISSED OFF NOW with in a few minutes i cannot seem to win a pot!!

NEXT HAND i find AK, someone raises and i shove, he calls with AQ! I turn round and say hmmmm he got 3 outs! thats plently!!! The RIVER IS A QQQQQQQQQQQ!



At 5:06 AM, Blogger nextgenneo said...

ul w the bad beats, standard poker! :) report on the cash game in a couple of days please :-D


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