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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back to $2/$4!!

Not posted for a while!!!

Thought i'd do a quick update

Been playing at lot of tournament online (156% ROI on UB) and some cash, live poker is a monday and tuesday night for me now. Where every monday is poker soc and every tuesday alternatives from DSOP (deep stack tournament, -home games) and Warwick High Stakes Poker on the other tuesdays (which is the most fun!)

Last month had a really good month and feel that i had the roll to give $2/$4 another shot, Started last night and turned $392 into $1600 in two hands. Limp with J9 and BB raises. I call, flop J Q 9, he bets i call, turn a big blank and he bets and i raise, he calls, river blank and he checks. i bet my last $149 (although i do not agree with making this play 100% of the time, hard to get called by a worse hand but i feel AQ KK and AA will not fold as its not alot. but i do not like saying that line too much these days, ie only betting with near nuts on the river, by playin like that definately miss out a lot of value bets.)

Next hand find J9 i limp and BB and crazy guy calls. Flop Q T x, BB bets outs $16 and me and the crazy guy call. Turn was a sweeeeeeeet 8! It checks to me and i bet $50, muppet calls. River is an even better blank and the crazy guy goes allin for $850 and i could not call quicker with my last $700+!!!!!

Need to try and cut down a bit now on poker! (sayin this while playing $2/$4), assignments comming fast at uni and need to get down to some work!!

On a nice note just brought ProEvo6 and Micro machines on the Nintendo DS!!!!


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