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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

21 Days On...............

So i have not posted for a while again!!!!!! (sorry about this, just do not seem to have the time and my passion of writting has gone down!)

Definately finding my way moving away from poker, i have people asking me about next year, life after uni and i realise that my poker opportunities will decrease dramatically once i start working full time. So i have stopped playing big online in the hope to one day 'make it'. I am playing $0.5/$1 NL cash on rivercard and i am loving it! Making over a buyin a day is keeping me alot happier than worrying about the swings in the slightly bigger games. However in my live games i have been playing some fairly big games.

In the last 21 days played a fair amount of poker, as i have been very bored during the Xmas holidays. On a side note completely addicted to 24!!! Watched season one and two in about 10 days! if you watch annoying is Cherry Parmer!!!!

Ok just going to do a quick review on the last month....

Played at the New Mint Casino in Coventry, a £5 rebuy!!! Was great fun and managing to do 11 rebuys was annoying but fun! I ended up comming 5th i think and making £35 which did not cover my buy in but oh well, on a nice note a friend from uni Mitesh took the tournament down for £350ish!!! He had a great hand on final where 54 people went all in on his BB and he found AAs!!!!!

Then i returned to Big Slick on a sunday and saw some very warm friendly faces which was nice. i played awful!!!! welll to be honest i played well but not under Big Slick circumstances. i was still in the mood of bluffing people off top pair and that is not going to happen in a £50 2nd chance!!! This caused me to bluff most of my chips away after getting a decent stack, ended up all in with AK vs 99s lost the race and was off to the cash game where i could not hit a hand or get people off hands!!! Just an overall bad night where i should have left earlier, i guess!!!!

Played the £75 freeze out at gutshot on thier goscar night where i made final last year but no such luck this year! The play on my starting table was abosolute awful !!! (as bad as my spelling!) People were all in every 3 hands!! It was crazy, unfortunately i could not pick up a hand at all. I did not actually play a hand for the 1st two levels! i eventually picked up some hands as i decided bluffing was not an option. I cannnot remember much but i was in the all in or fold situtation a few hours in, i pushed with Q2 and got caught by 88s no luck i off to the cash!!!!

Played well in cash early on and got some chips, was sitting on £350 at one stage (in for £200) then the game switched with new faces pot and re pot alot pre flop. I decided to leave early as Tom was taking down all the stars tournaments in the internet room. This was all about game selection and this was not the game for me!

Played a few more comps at Big slick with no success, just getting my chips in a coin flip and comming out the wrong end. Also got it in with K7 one hand after someone limped, i thought a good stealing opportunity but the limp found JT!!! and could not pass!!! K hits but so does a J and a T, oh well!!!!!!

Made final in the £10 super addon last week which was nice, had been a while and £320 was not too bad. Although most people on final could not understand my final move off the night, i was UTG 7 handed with 65k, the blinds just went up to 10k - 25k with a 2k ante. I pushed blind thinking i had no fold equity for the next round. It folded round to the SB who called with KQ. i had 45 and the 4 hit, then the K then the 5 then the Q on the river!!! (everyone shouting except me! I do not really find things like that exicting, if all the money in pre flop, i say lets see all 5 cards then react!!) After i told people i moved in blind they said why, why not wait, i explained about fold equity but there did not agreeed feeling i could have waited for a better spot!!! They might be right but i felt picking up 14K + 10K a + 20K was tooo huge to pass up!

Played a bit online, trying to rake up those action points!. on about 650k now! Still a long way to go for that million!!!!!!

Thats all folks!! Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!


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