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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Current Status As A Poker Player

I play a lot of poker especially during my summer holidays as to be honest their is not much to do, as a lot of my mates have jobs and i just bum around.
I have been playing alot of live poker at Gutshot and Big Slick in London, playing comps ranging from £10 rebuys to £100 freezes and playing cash from a £50 buy in to a £200 buy in.
Currently playing online at the Rivercard, which is a skin from VC and Doyle rooms, using that site to try and get 2million ish action points by next year so i can go to veagas and play a $2000 WSOP event for free!!! One million action points = $1000 buy in event. Currently on 240,000 points which took just over a month, which is great but everything will slow down when uni starts! if anyone wants to join the site let me know!! i can get you 5% rake back a little something for my self!! : ) Sorry to talk soooo much about my life i know the poker fanatics just wana hear about the poker and individual hands etc.. but im just giving a back ground of who i actually am!

Currently playing online on the $2/$4 cash games and they are going quite well, hoping to slowly move up and up for the next few years
Current short term aim is make £330 to play the GSOP (Gutshot Series of Poker) main event which is a freeze out with 10k stack and a 2 hr clock which is tooooooo sweet!! i played it last year and got to the final day but no cash :( but a great experience for me! But buying into to £330 comp is quite a bit so looking to make that money this month, up around £800 at the moment but as we know poker has its ups and down, if im still up by like the 20th i will play, also looking to play the tag team event which is a £50 + £50 comp which sounds gd, mite have to play with my annoying loud mate Zenal!!!!
OK enough about me!!!! next few posts is going to be all about poker!! Alot of analysis and evalution of certain players and hands, please feel free to discuss hands that i talk about and we can all help each other!!!!
Oh btw every table i play on there is always a DONKEY!!!!


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