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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The 1st Post/ Little about me

For those who dont know me and have decided to read my blog! its all about poker, was thinking of also making this a diary/poker blog but felt too many personal issue will get involved that i dont really need to share with everyone, btw my english is awful so you will have to deal with some awful writting skills, but what i lack in that, i will make up in pure poker genius! lol
Little about me..... My name is Dhruv Doshi (Dru for short). i am a 20 year old student at Warwick university (UK) currently going into my 3rd and final year doing accounting and finance which really sucks, very boring, if you thinking of doing it dont! Started playing poker about 2 and a half years ago with my two good mates niraj and amar after we got bored revising for A levels, just gave us something to do, we started off playing 3 card poker for 1p and 2ps and moved up to holdem playing for paper money!!! i learnt the game properly at uni and my game is improving every time i sit down, i played basically every day for the last few years, alot on the interent but i suck on the net and more live, which is where i feel i play my best game. i've played all over the country at Gutshot in london, Big Slick, Cat Luck, in scotland, oxford, coventry, birmingham, walsall and even in Paris at the famous aviation club, ok thats my breif into, now on to the poker!!!! oh by the way my favourite player is Phil Hellmuth the winner of 10 braclets go PHIL!!!!! Hopefully one day I would be as good as him!!


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