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Friday, August 03, 2007

Life During and After Vegas!!!

Wow!!! First of all just want to say sorry to all my regular readers for not updating for such a long time, I know it can be annoying to keep checking my blog and seeing no updates! I guess I just lost the passion to write for the time being but hopefully it will come back!!!

Quick Life update – Graduated from Warwick Business School in Accounting and Finance, moved house to Purley, South London and starting work on the 28th August for Doshi & Co.
Let me just summarise Vegas Quickly, I obviously cannot remember all the hands I played in the great 18 days but will do the best I can in by going over one key tournament. But first lets do the quick summary
Cash Games
Well it started off really well taking a few $100s off every game I sat in but then a
few bad nights got me down but I either took a break or fought hard to get over it, I think I went a few days playing cash with no AA KK or QQ, But hey that’s poker!! Should not be complaining about stuff like that but when I dropped $1.1k in one night I was pretty annoyed and maybe complained a lot more than usual to my room mates Dave and Tom. The best place to play cash was definitely the Venetian, it was an awesome place! Everything was run a lot better than everywhere else although the MGM was pretty swish as well but did not attract as many plays as the Venetian as they had no real big tournaments. At the MGM instead of the dealing saying MAN DOWN they would press a button on the side to let the card room manager know. Unlike in the Bellagio, which was really poor, the so called most famous card room in Vegas was very small crowded and used a pen and paper to put names down for the cash list, which meant a lot of people were paying to get to the top of the lists, which I was not willing to do! Here is a quick run of my results over the 18 days playing cash

Ballys $2/$5 +£95

Ballys $1/$2 +£197

MGM $1/$2 + £75

Luxor $1/$2 -£160

Venetian $2/$5 + £155

Bellagio $2/$5 -£550

Wynn $2/$5 -£225

Wynn $5/$10 + £325

Venetian $2/$5 +£200

Venetian $2/$5 +£275
Ballys $2/$5 +£40

Venetian $2/$5 -£400

MGM $2/$5 +£100

Bellagio $2/$5 +£485

Wynn $2/$5 -£450

Caesars Palace $2/$5 +£65

Venetian $2/$5 +£10

So it was not the best hourly rate! But at least I was £237 up! I thought I played quite well but the nights I was losing I was finding hard to walk away. I remember losing a double stack with QhTh on an Ac Jh 8h board. I was on the CO and the SB check, BB bet $20 I called, SB made it $80 and the BB made it $200, I then shoved $1,000, SB folded and the BB went into the tank. He was very close to folding but then someone decided to call a clock on him, The card room manager said 3 – 2 ….. CALL. I said nice call, he had A8 for top and bottom pair and it goes blank blank! Reload! I honest cannot remember many other key hands apart from the hands I lost!! I definitely saw some crazy stuff out there! I lost a pot, which I was very annoyed about but more about the etiquette than the poker! I raised with AdJd and get a few standard callers, flop is Qd Jc Td, Bingo Bango Bongo!! (see Mikes Sexton comments further down) I check and someone bets out, I raise and he calls, turn is a 4d, which gives me the nuts, I check and the guy bets half my stack. Sweeeeeet! Ok I decide I do not need to get it all in at the moment, I feel he may have one pair with a dead flush draw. I basically close my eyes, call and shove the river. The river was a T, (Yikes!) I still shoved, he thinks for about 2 mins and calls. I then turn my hand over and show the flush, he then waits and looks at me, I say ‘AM I being Slow rolled??’ He says nothing and the dealer tells him to turn his hand over, he does so with 44, so not only I lost a $1,000 pot with as 94% favourite, I got a huge slow roll, I then got up and said ‘You f**king Pr*ck’ just as I left the card room I then heard a loud cheer from the guy!! That felt nice!!! But over all I really enjoyed the cash games, had ago at $5/$10 after I played bad in a tournament and felt I owed it to myself to really focus and give it ago, I was up to $2,000+ after buyin in for $1,500 so I was happy although I did not play it again.
Entertainment! Life outside the Poker Room

Ok in Vegas you can do everything!! There is so much to do! Its not just about the poker!! Dave Tom and I saw plenty of shows that were really good and some not so great but it was a different experience! We saw two topless shows, which were not erotic at all despite what the adverts say or suggest. We saw three magicians Hans Klock with Pamela Anderson, David Copperfield and Lance Burton. We saw the comedy George Wallace. Dave and Tom went to see ‘O’, which I missed!! Bought my tickets then played at Sat to the $10,000 WSOP Main Event, the Sat started one hour late and then out of the 650 runners I got down to the final 40 with 15BB. I then go out with JJ vs KQ vs AQ (Yes the Q still came!) With top 28 getting the seat I was pretty annoyed! Especially as I also missed the show! Now that’s a bad beat!!!

Most of the cab drives were interesting! Make up stories to entertain Dave and Tom was amusing to me, I would say I was married or had kids, or love strippers to come to my room or anything out of the blue to get the cab drives attention, late at night most of the cab drives are really horny and want to talk about the Girls!!

Mark Vos a poker pro from Full Tilt was trying to get into the club at Venetin, but he did not have any shoes, so he came to the poker room trying to BUY some!! He asked me but I had trainers on. But I said I know a guy, Tom. So I went to Toms table and got the bidding going, Vos says $150 and I said $300 and Tom said he will throw in the socks! Deal!! Plus we got two Full Tilt Badges that all the pros wear! Pretty sick! Tom bought me a Bellagio Buffet as a commission for the sale!

We also met Juha Hellpi, who actually chilled with us for about 45 minutes at a playboy party and DTD invited us to. Then we met Joe Hachem down stairs at the Palms. Also Shannon Elizabeth and Joe Seebok were there so I went to speak to them, I spoke to Seebok first as it was easier then wormed my way to speak to Shannon as the other guys followed behind. Got some dirty that Shannon does not like Jennifer Tilly, which is cool as most people know I hate Jennifer Tilly! Saw her at the Bellagio doing well in a competition and she did not have her Tits out! Was pretty hard to recognise her without them hanging out! Got a few pictures done with all these people! I managed to get Shannon next to me after telling her come in the middle you the best looking one here! We also met the man himself Mike Sexton!! Scott got us in a Party Poker party and Sexton was there with his wife, he looked like an action doll, that was the only way to describe him. So anyway we get a picture with him and I tell him, ‘I love bingo bango bongo!! I use it in my blog’ It put a big smile on his face and he says I’m going to use it more now on the World Poker Tour!!’

Well that the summary of Vegas so far with no mention of tournaments yet!! That will be in the next blog!!


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hey by any chance did you goto collingwood as a kid?

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yeh i did why?


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